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Here is a little bit about me. I am Palmira Oliveira, Portuguese native filled with dreams like many. Came to the US with a vision to succeed and have a better life. Quickly to notice I only had memories in head, pain in my heart for missing those who were and are so far away.


I would close my eyes to envision an event, a person to make these past events alive in my thoughts, to never forget. I started devoting my time to taking pictures and helping those in need two hobbies I am truly passionate and in love with.


While on this venture, it so easily all came together. Life is about the people you meet, the things you do, cycle of life events and milestones, that we will never get back. Some are fortunate to have and be able to hold on to these memories of  events, others these memories will fade or be simply forgotten a blur of the past.


Photographs are a way of keeping people alive in our thoughts and close to our hearts, reminiscence of events that will never come back.


I am truly passionate of my avocation and of conveying your story by capturing these momentous events .


Let me be a part of producing  and creating your  storyline.

Palmira Oliveira

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